Using Serial Printers with LaserWriter 8

The LaserWriter Select 310 driver is not compatible with OS 8.5 and higher. Apple has no announced plans to update the driver. Apple's LaserWriter 8 PostScript driver does not support printers with serial interfaces. LW_Serial_Bridge bridges the gap between 'LaserWriter 8' and serial printers, such as the LaserWriter Select 310. All of the features of LaserWriter 8 are now available even if your printer was never before supported on the Macintosh.

I originally wrote my "LW310 download" for my own purpose and released the scripts thinking they might be useful to other "orphaned" users of the Select 310. It was based on AppleScript and had a number of limitations. I've created a new application that overcomes most of those limitatins.

"LW310 download" is being discontinued, but I think you will be pleased with the new program

I have tested this on OS 8.5*/8.6, OS 9.0.4 and 9.1.

*Note: This will work on system 8.5, but you need version 8.6 of the PrintingLib. You can get version 8.6 of the Printing lib from Apple. Or you could just upgrade your system to OS 8.6.

Features of LW_Serial_Bridge


LW_Serial_Bridge is shareware, US $20.00. Registered users of "LW310 download" can upgrade for half price.

Download here:

Read the "READ ME file" for full details and installation information.

Note: If StuffIt Expander complains that a .bin or .sit file is corrupt, you may need to update to version 5.0.2.

Questions? try here. FAQ.